So you know beer huh?

Lager Beer

Lager Beer

Lagers are generally lighter in body and more crisp than ales. The taste is usually clean, and they’re better served very cold. 

Dark Lager Beer

Dark Lager Beer

Darker than pale lagers, dark lagers are usually lightly hopped and, not very heavy.

Pale Lager Beer

Pale Lager Beer

Relatively new style of beer. Light in color and body, pale lagers are slightly hoppy and well carbonated. 

Bock Lager

Bock Lager Beer

Bocks are brown to deep black with a medium-heavy body and a flavorful maltiness, without much hop character.

Amber Beer


Ambers can be easily identified by their color, which can run from amber to deep red. Amber beers can be ales, like Irish reds, or lagers, like smoked beers.

Specialty Beer

Specialty Beers

These beers can include strong ales, like barleywines, seasonal beers, and fruit or spiced beers.

Ale Beer


Ales are generally more complex and fuller in body than lagers. They’re usually maltier and more aromatic, as well. 

Brown Ale Beer

Brown Ales

Brown ales are dark and nutty, and usually medium bodied without to much hop flavor. 

Porter Ale Beers

Porter Ale Beer

Porters are identified by their dark color, a light roastiness, and a hint of molasses like sweetness. 

Stout Ale Beers

Stout Ale Beer

Stouts are dark, heavy, and roasted. 

Pale Ale Beers

Pale Ale Beer

Pale ales range from light and refreshing to heavy and nearly unpalatable. They’re known for their bitterness. 

Belgian Ale Beers

Belgian Ale Beer

Belgian beers can be dark or light, but are almost always rich and complex. They get their distinct flavors from Belgian yeast. 

Sour Ale Beers

Sour Ale Beer

Sours are sour beer. Sours have a yogurt like tartness, introduced by certain yeast strains. 

Wheat Ale Beers

Wheat Ale Beer

Wheat beers can be light or medium bodied and are very versatile when it comes to adding other flavors or ingredients.