Zaful Summer Try On + Review by Hannah

Written by theRubi

Happy Friday y’all, today we have a spectacular model review coming from Austin, TX. We’re bringing you a summer dresses review & try on from online clothing brand Zaful. Our model is reviewing 4 summer dresses and swimwear pieces from Zaful’s End of Summer Sale! Austin’s Very Own, model & now YouTube vlogger Hannah is providing the online brand review.

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Hannah’s After Try On Video: Final Thoughts

Zaful Packaging: Upon opening your mailed clothing items what was your first impression?

Hannah’s Answer: Impressed – Upon opening my Zaful haul I was impressed. They send each shipment in simple but cute packaging while keeping clothes relatively neat.

How does the clothing feel in hands?

Hannah’s Answer: Zaful’s clothing feel compared to Shien is high quality however, compared to let’s say Aritzia low quality. You know what you’re getting while being pleasantly surprised.

What size were the clothing items and how did they fit?

Hannah’s Answer: I am a size small in general. Most of the clothing was right on target but two of the pieces were either too big or too small, I would check out reviews before you buy to be on the safe side.

Would you purchase from this brand again?

Hannah’s Answer: I would definitely purchase from Zaful again. Not only is Zaful affordable but is also 90% accurate relating to sizing and how the clothing will look in person.

Would you recommend this brand to anyone else?

Hannah’s Answer: I would absolutely recommend Zaful! You know what you get and the site has a ridiculous amount of stylish clothing. My sister actually ordered a few tops after my review a couple days ago. I guess that means see you soon for pt2.

What overall rating would you give this scale of 1 – 5?

Hannah’s Answer: 4.5, for satisfied.

Any final comments or thoughts about the reviewed clothing?

Hannah’s Answer: I had so much fun reviewing Zaful. To be honest I am an online shopper but had never personally ordered from Zaful before. My excitement to be paired with this brand lived up what I received. Everything was not only stylish but I was very impressed by the designs and how closely the pieces resembled the online pictures. I am happy to say I am a Zaful shopper after this review.

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